My name is Soile Hietarinta. I'm a breeder and owner of a Ragdoll and Selkirk Rex cattery. My cattery is located in Seinäjoki. I live in calm area with my husband and two almost adult children. I started breeding with Ragdolls 2018 and same time I started to think breeding Selkirk Rex.  

All started when Ragdoll Carla moved in our place and we all were charmed. It didn't take long time when we decided to find a friend for her. Kitten named Rilla moved in. Ragdoll Rilla was like her baby. Carla teached, took care and loved her. We wanted to learn more and we decided to get as much information about cats as possible. This all began to be like hobby and we loved to go shows with our cats and learned about cat genetics in breeding and colourgenetics course.

So here I am.

My idea of breeding is to have healthy, social and family loving cats. My cats are registered in FIFE. Our breeding cats are tested for PKD, Felv and Fiv. I also love to use MyCatDNA -test to see genetics that cat carries.

 Feel free to ask any questions you want



Soile Hietarinta / 050-3024511 / cisciscats@gmail.com
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